Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Candy, Costumes, And Co-workers?

Well Halloween is less than a week away and I have to work. Not a big deal, I'm not the Halloween party type, right? Well wrong, the company I work for requires that I wear a costume to work. And I'm not talking about wearing kitty ears and a tail with my uniform. We have to wear a full blown costume. So I decided to be Alice in Wonderland. I am also cheap since I know my costume will be ruined at work so I am making my costume instead of buying one. To make it cheaper, I didn't buy a pattern and I went to goodwill and bought sheets instead of buying fabric. It has been a nightmare to make. Ripping and resewing over and over to make it fit and not pucker in odd places. Some of it is sewn, some of it I used that hem tape that you iron on. Well it's almost done. I am stuck on the collar for the dress. The apron turned out perfectly and the parts of the dress that are finished look semi strange, except the skirt. It looks pretty good. I just need to do the finishing touches in time for Sunday morning. Pictures will follow!

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