Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Project That Started It All...

I made myself some flour, sugar and cocoa canisters for my kitchen and my mom fell in love with them so I made some for her last Christmas. When my aunts saw them they loved them too, that's when I decided I wanted to share my projects, and here is my first one!

They were relatively easy to make. You can choose whatever style suits you and put it on glass. The ones that I made for myself took a lot less time than the ones I did for my mom. On my moms I printed some simple letters, put some plain old packing tape across the area I wanted the words, and taped them to the jars. That was the easy part. I then cut the letters out using an craft knife leaving the first layer of tape behind. Then the letters get peeled out like stickers, or it can be done in the opposite and peel the tape off around the letters leaving the little stickers in place. I blocked off the space with scotch tape. To create the etching you need an etching medium. Kinda pricey but they go a long way and is totally worth it. Just paint over your design and wait 5 -10 minutes, rinse off and TA-DA!!! you have your custom made kitchen canisters!

A few months later I used the same concept to make custom wine glasses for my aunt. No lettering just some fun designs, stripes, polka dots, swirling. They turned out really cute and perfect for parties so you know which glass is yours without having to have something dangling on your glass! 

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